VMware VSAN Ready Nodes Q/A

VMware vSAN
VMware vSAN
  1. Which VMware interface is used to configure VMware VSAN ?

Ans:- vSphere Web Client

2. A customer is experiencing trouble on the VSAN due to a node in the VSAN cluster being unable to join the VSAN. What would you advise checking first?

Ans :- Verify that VSAN traffic is enabled on the VMkernel adapters

3.Where would a customer verify the installation of the latest Certified controller driver in their VSAN cluster?

Ans :- vSphere Web Client -> host and cluster->cluster> Monitor >VSAN-> Health

4. What feature does a customer need to configure in order to extend the VSAN cluster from a single site to two sites for higher levels of availability and intersite load balancing?

Ans :- Virtual SAN stretched cluster

5. Which VSAN Storage-based policy management feature would a customer configure to ensure data integrity and automatic repairs?

Ans :- Disable object checksum set to no (default)

6. What is the minimum number of physical nodes that a customer needs for a Virtual SAN Stretched cluster?

Ans :- 2

7. What should you recommend to a customer who wishes to monitor a new VSAN cluster’s hosts, disk, and Virtual Machines to ensure Optical performance?

Ans :-Enable the Performance Service

8.Which two option could a customer use to claim additional disk in a VSAN cluster?

Ans :- i) Automatic ii) Manual

9. A customer wishes to implement a VSAN environment to support both caching and capacity tiers. Which VSAN cluster should they configure?

Ans :- All flash VSAN Cluster

10. Which VSAN feature should a customer configure to achieve space-saving on the capacity consumed by deploying Virtual Machins?

Ans :- Deduplication and compression

11. Which Dell EMC Ready Solution provides deployment services, In addition to deployment and Sizing guides?

Ans :- Ready bundles

12.What is valid of a Dell EMC Solution center?

Ans :- i) Proof-of-Concept demonstrations ii) Engineer-to-engineer engagements

13. Which Dell EMC Ready solution should you recommend to a customer who has an engineered system in place and wants to run SAP application as a workload on their vBlock System?

Ans :- Ready Systems

14.What is typically the greatest cost to out customers in the data center?

Ans:- OpEX

15.In Dell EMC’s Ready Solution framework,what is a “Ready System”?

Ans :- A tested and validated workload that runs on top of an engineered system with value adds

16.Why are Dell EMC ready solution critical to out overall go-to market approach?

Ans :-i) Many customers “build and buy depending on there specific circumstances”

ii) The total market for traditional IT solution continues to grow.

17. Which are the priorities for the dell EMC Ready Solutions Portfolio?

Ans :- i) Data Analytics ii) Software-defined Infrastructure iii) High-Performance Computing

18.Dell EMC Ready Solutions “Build-to-Buy” Continuum framework steps.

Ans :- i) Ready nodes

ii) Ready Bundles

iii) Ready Systems

iv) Engineered Systems

v) Hybrid Cloud Platforms

19.Which Solution types are predicted to experience the fastest growth in the IT market?

Ans :- Buy Solutions

20) You have tried to sell the value of Hyper-converged infra solutions and buying outcomes, but your customer still wants to need to build their solution.What should you do?

Ans :- Shift the conversation to why Dell EMC is the best choice for vSAN Ready Nodes.

21. Your customer says they’ve heard that all vSAN Ready Node configurations feature the same hardware and software and VxRail. What is the best response?

Ans:- VSAN Ready Nodes are Servers pre-configured for vSAN, While VxRal is a turnkey appliance with significant software functionality to automate and simplify many tasks

22. Which solution is considered the “Entity Point ” for customers adaption Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and Native Hybrid Cloud?

Ans :- Dell EMC VxRail.

23. Your customer is interested in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure but has no preference when it comes to build or buy type Solutions. What is the best approach?

Ans :- Postion the value of buy-type outcomes with VxRail first.

24.How are Dell EMC Ready nodes different from the competition?

Ans :- Dell EMC bundles the entire solution and has a single point of contact for Support

25 Your Customer works with highly skilled storage specialists who have multiple hypervisors and bare metal servers in their environment. They want the highest possible node count in their Ready Node SDC solution.The solution is the best choice?

Ans :- ScaleIO

26. How many support contacts are tied to the Microsoft Storage spaces direct Ready node?

Ans :- One- Dell EMC handles all Support escalated to Microsoft as needed.

27.What are the three C’s of Ready Nodes?

Ans :- Confidence,Convenience and customer experience.

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