How to collect NCC, logs using Nutanix Prism


In this article We will See “How to collect NCC, logs using Nutanix Prism” using this method, We can see NCC log collector and collect the output using Nutanix Prism console.

Running NCC log collector for longer time can spikes in average cluster latency. Also Running it for a long period might cause performance degradation on the Controller VM where you are running it.

Procedure for NCC and log collector

1.Log in to Prism Element

Nutanix Dashboard

2. Click the heart at the top of the screen.

Nutanix Health

3. On the right-hand side of the screen, click Actions. You will find Run NCC checks and Collect logs.

Nutanix Health

4.A Collect Logs screen will be Open. select the node or nodes.

Select Nodes

5.Select the nodes,A pop-up window will be displayed with a list of nodes. Select the nodes you would like to collect logs from, and then click Done.

Select Nodes

6.Click Next.


7.On the next screen, you will be asked if you would like to collect All or Specific (by tags) logs. If you select Specific (by tags), you will then be able to select one or more types of logs. Click Next.

Select All

8.The Output preferences screen will be displayed on next.

Select the Duration, Cluster Date, and Cluster Time. Select the Destination for the collected logs. Click Collect.

Output preferences

9.We can see that log collection has started.

Log collection

10.You can see the progress. When the health check is complete, click Succeeded under the status column.

Log collector task

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