Mastering Nutanix


Mastering Nutanix

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How to find which devices are connected to switch port

Advertisements HOW TO FIND WHICH DEVICES ARE CONNECTED TO SWITCH PORT Whenever we have an audit or want to find which switch ports are connected to which devices, we can get the same information using the remote machine’s IP or MAC address. This blog will see How to find the port a device is connected

Nutanix Default credentials CVM, HOST, IPMI (Latest)

Advertisements NUTANIX DEFAULT CREDENTIALS CVM, HOST, IPMI (LATEST) The factory default credentials for Nutanix CVM, HOST, IPMI along with other infra HCI components like VMware ESXi Server, Move appliance, Windows Hyper-V Server. Nutanix ERA. Software Default credentials Hardware/OEM based default credentials Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is also available on industry-leading OEM appliance platforms from HPE,

How to install Nutanix guest tool

Advertisements HOW TO INSTALL NUTANIX GUEST TOOL (NGT) Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT tools) contains the drivers and services for the guest virtual machines. Drivers provide Storage controller and network adapter for virtual machines. Along with these drives you can install two additional services Self-Service restore (SSR) The Self-Service Restore (SSR) feature enables Nutanix administrators or guest