Infotrend Storage

Infortrend storage configuration step by step


Introduction :-

  • Storage system–A storage system is an enclosure, including controllers, fans, and dual power supplies in 2U,3U box.
  • Storage controller –A storage node provides the computing resource to ensure the I/O service between storage and hosts. There are the processor, memory, cache backup module, and connectivity on it.
  • Expansion enclosure–An enclosure with drive slots that are used to expand additional drives for a storage system
  • Node –A storage system that may also include an expansion enclosure
  • Cluster–A collection of multiple nodes.
  • RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) –storage virtualization technology that integrates multiple disks to provide better performance and data redundancy
  • Logical Drive –The basic unit of the RAID group created by the controller.
  • Shared folder–A location for shared storage access via file system protocol
  • Disk pool –The integration of logical drives where a shared folder can be created.
  • File system –A mechanism to control how data is stored and retrieved via file system protocol, such as CIFS and NFS.

Infortrend is an enterprise-level scale-out NAS storage system that provides an efficient and cost-effective way to allocate storage resources to meet the capacity, availability, and performance requirements of different applications. Scale-out NAS is now the trend in the enterprise-level storage field.

Installation of Infotrend Storage step by step :-

Assign IP address to the local machine in the range of 10.10.1.X

And start pinging default IP address of the storage IP

Enter the IP address in browser Default credential is UserName:- admin Password :- admin

Login infotrend

Start the configuration

Introduction Infortrend setup

Firmware Update install the latest one if available

Infortrend Firmware update

Configure Event Notice We can configure SNMP or SNMP trap setting here.

Event Notice

Configure System Setting and assign device Hostname

Assign System Name

Add DNS Server

DNS Server

Click OK.

Change Timezone of your country

Select Timezone

Enter the time and timezone


Select symmetric active/active mode

Node:- For a pool created in symmetric active/active mode, any controller can access the lun created on top of the pool for high I/O performance. If one controller fails, the other controller wil take over the LUN to ensure uninterrupted system operation.

Infortrend Storage configuration

Select the Interface for the type of configuration.

For ISCSI Block select channel 1

For Nas File level Volume select channel 2

Ethernet of Infortrend

Select the protocols which you want to use

Enable Protocols

Domain Integration.if you want to integrate NAS with domain enter the domain admin credentials, Make sure DNS server is configured.

Configure domain Type


Summary of Infotrend

Start Initializing of the storage by click on start initialization button.

Initialization Progress 100 %

Initialization completes successfully.

Infotrend Information

Dashboard of the Storage.

Dashboard Infotrend

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