Nutanix Move Pre-requisites for VMware ESXi

The Nutanix Move Virtual Machine must meet the following minimum configuration.

  • vCPU for each Core: 2
  • Number of Cores: 2
  • Memory: 8 GB
Nutanix Move
Nutanix Move

VMware ESXi on legacy infrastructure(3 Tier) to VMware ESXi on Nutanix.

When you are moving Virtual Machines from VMware ESXi on legacy infrastructure to VMware ESXi on Nutanix, Nutanix-Move directly communicates with Prism Element through the Management Server and the Source Agent.

Nutanix Move Supports .

  1. Pause and resume migration from any platform
  2. Schedule migration
  3. Schedule data-seeding
  4. Manage VM migrations between multiple clusters from a single HTML base Gui management interface
  5. Sort and group VMs for easy migration
  6. Cancel in-progress migration for individual VMs
  7. Monitor details of migration plan execution even at the individual VM level

General Port requirements

Nutanix-Move (Inbound)

Following ports are required for all source-target combinations

Port number                                         Description

80                                                            Move HTTP

22                                                            SSH

443                                                          Move HTTPS

8082 API docs

Traditional ESXi to AHV or ESXi to ESXi on Nutanix

Nutanix-Move (Outbound)

Port number                                               Description

9440                                                         Prism (AHV)

902, 80, 443                                             Network File Copy (NFC) (ESXi)

2049, 111                Network File System (NFS

ESXi Source or Vcenter (Inbound)

Port number                                               Description

902, 80, 443                                               Network File Copy (NFC) (ESXi)

General Requirements for ESXi to ESXi Migration

Ensure to conform to the following requirements for ESXi to ESXi migration.

  1. Supported browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari.
  2. VMware Tools must be installed and up-to-date on the guest VMs for migration.
  3. The VMs hardware version should be 7 or above to support the Changed Block Tracking (CBT) feature.
  4. Source VMs must support Changed Block Tracking (CBT).

For more information, refer to VMware KB 1020128, Changed Block Tracking (CBT) on virtual machines.

  • Disks must be either sparse or flat format and must have a minimum version of 2.
  • ESXi version must be a minimum of 5.1.
  • vCenter is reachable from Move on port TCP 443.
  • Hosts must not be in maintenance mode.
  • Every VM must have a UUID
  • ESXi hosts should be reachable from Nutanix Move on ports TCP 443 and TCP 902.
  • The ESXi hosts must have complete configuration details of the VMs.
  • The VMs must be compatible with the multiple snapshots taken by Move.
  • Allow ports (TCP and UDP) 2049 and 111 between the Move network and the AHV CVM network.
  • Accounts used for performing in-guest operations require Login as Batch Job rights in the local security policy on Windows or within the group policy. Administrator users do not have sufficient rights.
  • This requirement is only applicable if the VM preparation mode is automatic
  • Ensure that you are an administrator for Windows source VMs or a root for Linux source VMs to run the source VM preparation scripts.
  • If a local built-in administrator user performs guest preparation, the admin approval mode should be disabled. By default, the admin approval mode is disabled. If the admin approval mode is enabled, refer to KB 7672 in the Nutanix Support Portal.
  • Ensure that the Move user must belong in a group with Restore files and directories security policy.
  • VM should be indifferent folder to avoid duplicate name in vCenter inventory

Service accounts

The Move requires the following service accounts with admin privileges.

  • VMware vCenter Server
  • Prism Element UI for the ESXi on Nutanix cluster

Permissions Required on VMware vCenter User for VM Migration

The following are the permissions that you must grant to VMware vCenter user for successfully migrating your VMs by using Move.

*dvPort group

  • Create
  • Delete
  • IPFIX operation
  • Modify
  • Scope operation
  • Policy operation


  • Allocate space
  • Browse datastore
  • Move datastore
  • Remove datastore
  • Move datastore
  • Remove datastore
  • Remove file
  • Rename datastore
  • Update virtual machine files
  • Update virtual machine metadata


  • Create folder
  • Delete folder
  • Move folder
  • Rename folder


  • Disable methods
  • Enable methods
  • Licenses


  • Validate session
  • View and stop sessions

Virtual Machine

  • Change Configuration
  • Add existing disk
    • Advanced configuration
    • Change Settings
    • Configure Raw device
    • Modify device settings
    • Remove disk
    • Set annotation
    • Toggle disk change tracking
  • Add existing disk
    • Advanced configuration
    • Change Settings
    • Configure Raw device
    • Modify device settings
    • Remove disk
    • Set annotation
    • Toggle disk change tracking

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