Brocade SAN Switch Upgradation with CLI


Brocade SAN Switch is a enterprise-class network switch that supports fully managed, clustered, and virtualized networking in a high-performance, low-cost environment. It offers significant enhanced benefits over traditional switches. Brocade SAN Switches hardware has been in use for more than two decades and is renowned for its excellent stability and performance. Many companies rely on Brocade’s technology for reliable and robust communications in a wide range of applications. As one of the industry leaders, Brocade continues to lead the way in the storage network design and solutions.The fabric offers outstanding signal integrity, excellent reliability and scalability for both heavy-duty and low-traffic applications. The use of this fiber-fabric material results in a very high level of durability.Brocade fabrics are able to tolerate extreme temperature fluctuations and power surges. The fabric also maintains excellent flexibility, which allows for the incorporation of new standards such as Fibre Channel (FC) onto the fabric.

Brocade Switches accelerate critical workloads upto 64Gb/s links ,supports NVMe Storage

First Create Local directory for FTP and download the Brocade firmware from brocade site or OEM Site (DellEMC, HP, Lenovo)

Extract it in the FTP directory.


Open Putty

Putty for SSH
Putty for SSH

Enter the IP address of Brocade Switch with Port 22(SSH)

Enter the admin credentials

Type > firmwaredownload


It will ask you “Do You want to continue (Y/N)”: Y

Typer “Y”

Enter Y Switch will reboot

Enter the firmware command to see the status. We can See the firmware upgraded successfully.


Make Sure you follow this up-gradation path (direct up-gradation is not possible)

5.0.1d -> 5.2.3 -> 5.3.2c -> 6.0.1a -> 6.1.2c -> 6.2.2g -> 6.3.2e -> 6.4.3h > 7.0.2e > 7.1.2b > 7.2.1g > 7.3.2a > 7.4.2f > 8.0.2f > 8.1.2g > 8.2.2b

Now We have to first upgrade firmware v7.4.1d then we can upgrade to latest 8.2.22b

Do the same procedure

We can see the firmware upgraded on primary partition

Using these steps, you can Upgrade firmware Successfully.

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Brocade SAN Switch

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