Snapshot replication was skipped

Snapshot replication was skipped because a newer snapshot is available.

Replication is not working, all data protection are showing 0kb transferred as outgoing.

Sr. NoNamePD Replication Skipped Status
1DescriptionSkipped replication of the snapshot.
2Alert messageReplication was skipped for protection domain protection_domain_name of snapshot snapshot_name to remote site remote_namereason
3CauseSnapshot replication was skipped because a newer snapshot is available.
4ImpactSnapshot is not present on the remote site.
5ResolutionIf this issue persists, consider reducing the replication frequency.

Solution :-

Suppose you have an hourly snapshot schedule, but due to high turnover of data or limited network bandwidth, one of your replications takes more than an hour.

Let’s say that log replication started at noon, and was still going at 1pm when the next snapshot was taken, and then finished at 2:15.

The replication for the 1pm snapshot is skipped, since a newer snapshot for the protection domain has already occurred. The 2pm snapshot replication would then start.

This is the kind of scenario that triggers that alert.

This alarm is triggered whenever there’s a more recent snapshot present on the cluster compared to one which is used to replicate the current Protection Domain.

This alert which gets created while replication is in progress is a valid condition and will maintain true once the replication remains slow.

This Alert has to be manually acknowledged to resolve.

Solution 1 :-

You may also try to delete the existing protection domains

Run the below command on any Controller virtual machine (CVM) which will find the available protection domains and note down the name and the Snapshot_ids,replication_ids.

nutanix@ProdhostCVM1~$ ncli pd ls

To check the progress of replication run below command.

nutanix@ProdhostCVM1~$ ncli pd list-replication-status ​

You should see output similar to the following:

Id : 1239832
Protection Domain : mssql
Replication Operation : Sending
Start Time : 04/8/2020 8:42:32 CEST
Remote Site : NTNXPDR
Snapshot Id : 121231
Aborted : false
Paused : false
Bytes Completed : 0
Complete Percent : 0

To stop the replication run below command

nutanix@ProdhostCVM1~$ ncli pd abort-repl name=pd_name replication-ids=1239832

We will see the below error once the replication is stopped

nutanix@ProdhostCVM1~$ ncli pd abort-replication name=mssql replication-ids=1239832
Replication(s) successfully updated

Solution 2:-

We have seen this issue due to firewall blocking port 2020. You will not see any alert for the port

in prism or in NCC blocking but in our “PaloAlto firewall 2020 port was in reset mode”.

After opening the port in firewall replication started working fine.

See also :- Nutanix CVM Ports and Services.

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