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How to install Recoverpoint splitter in EMC VNX


Dell EMC RecoverPoint physical appliance

Dell EMC RecoverPoint physical appliance provides continuous data protection for comprehensive operational and disaster recovery. It supports Dell EMC UNITY/Unity XT XtremIO, VMAX, VNX, ScaleIO, PowerMax, and major 3rd party arrays via VPLEX.

It is a logically single entity which replicates and protects data between all sites in one RecoverPoint installation.

RecoverPoint supports concurrent local and remote replications over any distance, sync
or async.

Installation of RecoverPoint Splitter :-

Unisphere Service Manager(USM) Utility :- The Unisphere Service Manager (USM) is a collection of tools that help you update, install, and maintain your system hardware and software as well as provide contact and system information to your service provider

You can download Unisphere Server Manager from DellEMC Site.


Open Unisphere Service Manager Utility

Unisphere Service Manager

Enter the IP address of Storage in USM

Enter the IP address
Accept Always

Enter Storage credentials as Username :- sysadmin and password :- sysadmin.

If default username password is changed,enter the credentials of storage administrator role.

Enter VNX Credentials

Select Software because we are installing Enabler


Select System software

System Software

Select Prepare for installation

Prepare for Installation (Step 1)

Click Next

Welcome to the Prepare for installation

Select Browse to the local PC



Select RPSplitterEnabler

We can see that the file is transferred

File is transferred

Manual Check for other conditions

Manual Check

Override HA Status for all Servers

Override HA Status

Server readiness for software update

Server Readiness

Diagnostic information Step

Diagnostic Information Check

Diagnostic Information collection Step

Diagnostic Information

Health check for VNX OE software installation

Health Check for VNX OE

Proceed with warning click on yes

Click on yes

Non-disruptive Upgrade delay ,Leave this as it is.

Non-Disruptive Upgrade delay

Finish OE for Block installation

Finish VNX OE Block Installation

Step 2 is for software installation

Install Software

Storage system software installation wizard

Storage System Software Installation

Select Express Installation

Express Install

You can see software to be installed as RPSPLITTER

Software to be installed

Installation Progress

Installation Progress

Click Next

Installation Complete successfully
Installation information

Open Unpshere and goto Storage System properties.

Installed RecoverPointSplitter

Finished.We have successfully installed RecoverpointSplitter in DellEMC VNX Storage.

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