EMC VNX Storage

How to use EECLI for File on Unified EMC VNX storage


EECLI is dell emc utility for capturing performance data from EMC VNX Storage

Please download file from the link

  1. Take the putty of the any control station with nas user.
  2. Upload eecli.exe to  the   /nas/tools/ using WINSCP
  3. Change the ownership of eecli.exe  
  4. #chmod 755 eecli.exe
  5. Run # ./eecli script in prompt
  6. Eecli> fileperf –s

fileperf > Select a server to work with, or q to quit : 1

fileperf > Select from above, or q to quit : 

Wait 4 – 24 hours  to gather the logs.

To gather logs  use option 3

fileperf > Select from above, or q to quit : 3

fileperf > Select a server to work with, or q to quit : 1

Choose the file that matches the date you need

fileperf > Triage data collection number, min(1) max(5), or q to quit :  5

Report will be save to

Full report Written to : /celerra/ccc/fileperf/   server_2-17-Jun-16_1653/FPTRIAGEREPORT_15-Jun-17_1331.rpt Please provide the .RPT repot for analysis

Take the output and upload to case or support engineer for further analysis.

Now DellEMC gathered all logs from Live Optics software.

Live Optics

Live Optics is an online software that you can use from the convenience of your own computer to gather, analyze and share information about your IT infrastructure and workloads.

Live Optics offers data analysis to assist you better understand your workload management, enabling IT service providers and buyers to more clearly understand their customer’s needs for support and investment. It is designed to make the whole concept of an enterprise support service easier by automating processes. These are just some of the Live Optics advantages:

No matter how complex your IT environment may be, you can always rely on Live Optics to provide you with data-driven insight into key metrics that will ultimately improve your business. You can access this critical information anytime, anywhere and from any device, which makes it very convenient to use. With the help of live optics, you can get insight on everything from capacity utilization to trouble-shooting issues, even on the health of your hardware. This also helps you reduce IT costs by improving process productivity, which in turn leads to greater cash flow.

When it comes to reducing operational costs, one of the most cost effective ways is through reducing vendor specific costs. By monitoring and measuring performance across all devices, you can easily pinpoint areas where improvements can be made. The key metrics in Live Optics include system resources, unstructured data, operational costs and total IT costs. It also provides end-to-end visibility, which means you can have alerts sent directly to your mobile devices whenever performance is affected. To make things even better, Live Optics also offers a suite of tools that help in the assessment of workloads, unstructured data and system resources, which are inclusive of several bench-marking programs. With these tools, you can make quick and informed decisions, which improve your ability to provide quality services to your customers.

Performance insights provided by Live Optics are very valuable for both small and large organizations, because they help them find gaps in their infrastructure that can cause bottlenecks, slowdowns and degradation of customer experiences. One such example is data protection. It’s not uncommon for enterprises to lose billions of dollars due to data loss and data breach, especially in the healthcare sector. In order to prevent this scenario, Live Optics offers two key metrics that help identify potential areas for improvement: Total IT Expense and Total Workforce Cost. With these metrics, you’ll know exactly where you are spending your money, which will allow you to promptly focus on improving your vendor specific services or implementing new ones to enhance your overall service quality.

The third key metric in Live Optics that helps you reduce cost is unstructured data analysis. This useful tool uses real time data analysis to determine what your customers want, how they behave and which problems they are having when engaging with your product or service. By doing so, you’ll be able to improve how you deliver your services and make your vendors aware of your customer’s needs, which will in turn, enable them to provide them with better services in a timely manner. With Live Optics, you have access to a complete suite of tools that include:

These are just three of the key metrics that living Optics offers. With these in place, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive technical sales and support assistance that will enable you to effectively support your enterprise. You can also rest assured that your business will run more efficiently because of its ability to reduce workloads and improve employee engagement. All of these are achieved through unstructured data analysis and live inventory management.

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