Nutanix X-Ray

Nutanix X-ray deployment and configuration


Please find the link to download Nutanix X-RAY

We have downloaded Nutanix X-Ray for VMware ESXi Hypervisor.

We have Deploy the ovf of X-RAY(3.8) into ESXi.

Summary X RAY

Power On the VM and click on launch virtual console.

Launch Console

Login into the VM with Username:- nutanix password:- nutanix/4u

X Ray desk

Assigning IP address

Open Network setting in GUI


Assign Static IP address and Click Apply

Assign IP address

Accessing X-RAY

Enter the X-Ray Ip address in browser.

Set Password for X Ray
Assign New password.

Accept the terms and condition

Accept X RAY

Accept the Nutanix X-Ray Insights metadata

X Ray Insights

You can select which performance test you want to perform

Performance Test

Click on the performance

X Ray Report

Click on Create Target to add AOS

Select Target

Enter the clustername and Select Manage type as vCenter with Nutanix

Cluster Details

Enter the IPMI credentials here we are using Lonovo HX appliance

IPMI Details1

Select the dataCenter , Cluster,Datastore,Network

Select Cluster

Select IPMI Type Generic for NX and HX appliance.


Run the validation

Run Validation

We can see the Progess Details

Progess Details

If you face any issue related to IPMI follow this post. X-RAY validation

DRS disable

VMware DRS Issue Solved

Run will complete and you will get report

Please find the report on this post :- Nutanix X-RAY Report

Download the latest Nutanix X-Ray

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