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Nutanix X-RAY Introduction

Nutanix X-Ray is a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) performance and resilience assessment product, enabling organizations to benchmark, evaluate architectural differences between combinations of HCI, hypervisor platforms and vendor hardware.

X-Ray is an extensive hyper converged infrastructure evaluation solution, allowing organizations to assess the architectural differences between hyper converged infrastructures, automating the identification of consistent program functionality and dependability, with situations that negatively influence those programs. Packaged as a readily deployable VM, X-Ray utilizes realistic workloads paired with real world scenarios to simulate several workflows and events which normally occur during data center infrastructures

Nutanix X-Ray
Nutanix X-Ray

X-Ray 3.8.0 features:

  • Compatibility with multiple hypervisors(AHV,ESXI,XEN,Hyper-V)
  • Support for vSphere 7.0.
  • Clones for VM provisioning
  • Multiple Data-stores/Containers to achieve peak performance results.
  • Native VM-level replication
  • Modern DRAC support
  • Ability to migrate and convert between hypervisors with the same solution
  • Built-in Scenario Editor to simplify scenario viewing and modification.
  • Redfish OOB support.
  • Task list view
  • 1-click software and hypervisor upgrades
  • All kind of workload testing
  • YAML editor in UI
  • Renamed micro benchmark test
Sr.NoApplicationPort Number
1vCenter443 (HTTPS)
2Prism/API443 (HTTPS)
3IPMI623 (IPMI out-of-band)
4Deployed VMs22 (ssh); 5001 (agent)
5Browser443 (HTTPS)

Download X-RAY for specific Hypervisor:-

VMware ESXi :-

Nutanix AHV :-

Microsoft Hyper-V :-

UserGuide :-

Nutanix X-Ray -Report :- Nutanix X-Ray Report on VMware Hypervisor

Known Issues in current version of Nutanix X-Ray:-

Hyper-V does not start Controller virtual Machine When you start the Hyper-V server, it does not always automatically start the CVM. The workaround is to start the CVM manually or make setting in Hyper-V Server to start CVM auto start on boot.

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