EMC VNX unified ESRS call-home configuration

If it is a VNX Unified control station will function as the component to generate
call home messages.

Do not configure e-mail home alerts from SPs on this type of system as it will
cause duplicate call-home alerts

Call home configuration

  1. Open putty to primary control station
  2. List all call-home configuratio of SPA
/nas/sbin/navicli -h SPA
eventmonitor -monitor -listmapping -system "IP of SPA"

3.List all call-home configuratio of SPB

/nas/sbin/navicli -h SPA
eventmonitor -monitor -listmapping -system "IP of SPB"

4.Remove all the call-home templates

/nas/sbin/navicli -h SPA
eventmonitor -monitor -stoptemplate -system "IP of SPA"
/nas/sbin/navicli -h SPA
eventmonitor -monitor -stoptemplate -system "IP of SPB"

5.Verify the configuration of connect-home on contral station.

/nas/sbin/nas_connecthome -info

•/nas/sbin/nas_connecthome –m -https_priority 1 -https_url https://IP:443/incoming

•/nas/sbin/nas_connecthome –m -email_priority 2 -email_from -email_to -email_subject VNX-alerts -email_server ESRS IP

Commands to trigger test events and config data

/nas/sbin/nas_connecthome –t –https
/nas/sbin/nas_connecthome –t –email_1
/nas/sbin/arrayconfig –status
/nas/sbin/arrayconfig –start
/nas/sbin/arrayconfig –capture
/nas/sbin/arrayconfig -callhome

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