VxRail administrator and implementation Q/A

  1. Which are customer replaceable components ?

Ans :- HDD,Power Supply,and SSD

2.What is the tool used to generate procedures and access technical product videos?

Ans:- DellEMC Solve Desktop.

3.How often does VMware vSphere DRS run a re-balance function?

Ans:- Every 5 minutes

4.Which most accurately describes the VxRail strategy for HCI backup and recovery?

Ans:- Integrating both VDP and Cloud Array into the VxRail Infrastructure.

5.When configuring the logical network where are VLANS recommended for logical Separation and network isolation?


6.Which interface can you see the active NIC send/receive rate for each node?

Ans :- VxRail Manager

7.Which of the following is a key benefit of VxRail for the “Server Workloads” use case?

Ans:-Easily add up to 8 appliances for increased capacity

8.Which of the following represent the VxRail options for the VDI use case?

Ans :- Supports both VMwae Horizon 6 and Citrix XenDesktop

9.Which of the following best represents the selling model for VxRail ?

Ans :- VxRail will be sold by VCE,EMC and their partners

10. What is one of the key differentiators of VxRails vs the Competition?

Ans :- Users can leverage existing vSphere license toward license purchase

11. Which of the following describe the scale out and clustering capabilities of VxRail?

Ans :- Deploy VxRail and VSPEX BLUE within a single cluster.

12. What process automatically discovers a new ESXi host?

Ans :- Loudmouth

13. Where does the RecoverPoint splitter reside?

Ans :- VMware vSphere Hypervisor

14.WHat are the two methods to create a VM templete?

Ans :- i) Clone to template ii) convert an active VM to template in vCenter

15.What are some attributes of Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)?

Ans :-i) Assists in balancing VMS across host ii) is fully automated

16 Which interface should be used to add new disk to an existing VM?

Ans :- vSphere Web Client

17.Which Interface(s) can be used to modify a Virtual Machine(s) attributes in a VxRail Appliance?

Ans :- vCenter

18.Which node should be the last node started when powering on a VxRail Appliance after a graceful shutdown?

Ans:- It doesn’t matter because the cluster handles it.

19.Which Risk Profile has the highest security when assigned to a Virtual Machine?

Ans :- Risk Profile 1

20.How many network ports are used for production connectivity of a VxRail Appliance node?

ANs :- 2

21.What protocols should be left on so development users can still do their work, but we can make the environment more secure?

Ans :- HTTPS,ssh

22. What are the two layes of security ?

Ans:- Data Segmentation & physical access

23.Which interface do i user to see VDS status and the Connected state?

Ans :- vSphere Web Client

24. What are the requirement to use the RMM port?

Ans :- Connect the port to a switch and setup DHCP.

25.Which Management component allow a user to view graph of log events on VxRail appliance?

Ans:- Loginsight

26.Which does not run on its own Virtual Machine on Node01 of the VxRaul Appliance?

Ans:- Virtual SAN

27.Which interface is provides detailed information about the VxRail Appliance hardware?

Ans :- VxRail Manager Extension

28. Identify three defaults VxRail troubleshooting and diagnostics features bundled into version 3.0?

Ans :- 1) Event Suppression 2) Manual System health checks

3) Customer-replaceable Storage disk drives

29. In reviewing the VxRail’s Virtuled-storage implementation, which most accurately describes the architectural relationship between Virtual SAN and ESXi?

Ans :- Virtual SAN is applied at the kernel layer,drivers are embedded directly into the ESXi kernel for VM-Centric Software Define Storage

30 WHich Component integrated with log insight to monitor VxRail Appliance performance and perform log analytics?

Ans :- VxRail Manager Extension & VxRail Manager

31.identify three cited features of VxRail’s Virtual SAN technology

Ans :- i) policy based ii) flash Optimized iii) Distributed Raid Architecture

32. Which statement most accurately describe the role of VDS and NSX in the VxRail architecture?

Ans:- Provides core element for the Network IO control and Maintains network runtime state for VMS

33. In a large, standard deployment, What’s the maximum number of VxRail appliances per cluster without an RPO?

Ans ;- 8

34 Which is a required deployment component is not included in the standard VxRail appliance?

Ans :- IP switch

35.What is the proper process to apply maintenance to the VxRail appliance?

Ans:- Contact EMC Support, Leave everything up and running then apply the support bundle.

36. What are some attribute of VDP?

Ans:- changed block tracking restore and can use data domain to store data.

37.What are some attributes of cloud array?

Ans :- Bandwidth scheduler and data reduction technology

38.What are some key backup consideration when designing a solution

Ans – i) how long can a company be without its data ii) How much memory the virtual machine is allocated

39.How are custom size virtual machine created in the VxRail Appliance?

Ans :- Create desired VM in VCenter then clone from VxRail

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