VMware vSAN

Vmware vSAN 7 release

vSAN integration for VCF that provides the best-in-class platform for running any workload on-premises or in the cloud. VMware on AWS.

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vSAN 7 Features

vSphere Lifecycle Manager

All hosts hardware software firmwares cab be manage with central vSphere Lifecycle Manager(vLCM).

Increase reliability and reduce number of tools for managing infra.

Native Files Services

This cab be use for both SAN and NAS

The file services is now fully integrated in vsphere and can be use with cluster services such as deduplication and compression and encryption from web console. Currently vSAN File Services supports NFS v4.1 and v3 and is suited and devolped for both traditional and cloud-native workloads .

Enhanced Cloud-Native Storage

vSAN 6.7 Update 3 first introduced the ability to provision block-based persistent volumes to containers,Kubernetes.. etc.

vSAN 7 extends this capability and enables administrators to provision container file-based persistent volumes to Kubernetes workloads.

Expaned data services enabling more use cases

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