How to configure VNXe3200/Unity with cmd for installation


1)     IPMI configuration

IPMI usefull for telnet and ssh on service port.

2)    You can download same from

Download and extract the files in F:\ipmitool or any location.

Verify the following four files are installed in folder:

Four files will show in your directory

3)     Client network setup

Connect the cable in Service port and assign IP to your laptop in this range.

EMC BMC private IP addresses: for SP A, and for SP B.

4)     Connect the storage with following command

A sample command is provided below:

Ipmitool.exe –I lanplus –C 3 –U console –P <password> -H <host> sol activate


  • BMC IP address, for SP A, or for SP B

5)     CHeck storage status with the following a commnad

For example


svc_initial_config –a -f STorage1 –n “”

run command in cmd and assign IP address


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