How to Shift/migrate/move VMware VSAN Cluster from one physical network switch to another switch


VMware vSAN cluster migration from the physical switch to a new physical can be done online without downtime.

Step by step:-

VMware vSAN
VMware vSAN
  1. Health check of VMware VSAN Cluster. 
  2. In vSAN health check please ensure all the VM are I compliant state and correct policy have applied.
  3. Ensure there are no critical error or warning onvSAN health check
  4. Run the below command and ensure all object are in state 7
cmmds-tool find -f python | grep CONFIG_STATUS -B 4 -A 6 | grep 'uuid\|content' | grep -o 'state\\\":\ [0-9]*' | sort | uniq -c

5.All the disk should be mounted (Configure > disk management > disk group)

6.Make sure No rebuilding operation running on any of the host Monitor > resync dashboard

7.Identify the first host to migrate on New Physical Switches

8.Migrate all Virtual Machines running on identified Host

9.Put Selected host in maintenance mode 

You can choose either ensure accessibility or full data migration. 

Ensure accessibility (After one hour the data will rebuild to other ESXi hosts (3+node) )

You can change the “clom repair” delay if it’s going to take long time

In this case, full data migration will not work as its a three-node cluster.

Note: Below network configuration needs to be checked by your network team. Until all the host has good network connectivity and able to reach in the vSAN network then there should not be any impact on vSAN.

  1.  Remove one cable from every vSwitch/VDS (Virtual Distributed Switch) and connect to New Cisco Switches to identify ports
  2.  Disconnect the Second cable connected to Dell switches and verify all connectivity is fine with New Cisco Switches
  3.  If all good to go connect the second cable to New Cisco Switches to identify ports
  4.  Monitor Host behavior after placing complete host connectivity to New Cisco Switches
  5.  The host is operating Normal than exit Host from maintenance mode

Once the network changes are done, You can check the below : 

  1.  Make sure No rebuilding operation running on any of the hosts
  2.  Migrate 1 or 2 Virtual Machines to host which we placed on New Cisco Switches Also ensure the connectivity is good and the host is part of a cluster by running esxcli vsan cluster get. 
  3.  Monitor both VM’s along with Application & Database running inside VM’s
  4. Note time taken to performed above steps
  5. Follow the above steps to migrate all other hosts in the cluster 

Step 1 . Migrate all VSAN Node to New Cisco Switch from old Dell Switch one by one without changing the configuration

Step 2 . After Successful migration on New Cisco switches, reconfigure VDS switches from VLAG to active-standby connectivity

Step 3. Reconfigure Management network to Management IP (i.e. 192.168.1.X) and guest VM will run continuously on the current network (i.e. 10.X.X.X)

Also see:- VMware vSAN Communication issue

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